Dealing and disclosing about mental health condition at workplace

Dealing and disclosing about mental health condition at workplace

Individuals suffering from mental disorders are often discriminated against and subjected to marginalization. Surprisingly, the condition is more or less the same even in the corporate world, where it is not restricted to a specific group of workers. Often, such people face adversities and prejudices in their workplace. As a result, they not only feel trapped while seeking a day off to take care of themselves but are also unable to give their best due to the underlying stress of the associated stigma.

Individuals with careers that have high hourly demands such as in the medical field, protective services, and legal jobs are more susceptible to mental health complications and have much higher suicide rates compared to those with traditional 40-hour work weeks or less. Stressful and extra working hours leave the individual with less or nearly no time for personal care and development, which causes stress to accumulate. This may lead to the development of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, or certain phobias. In order to ensure that an individual does not develop unnecessary stress, it is important to take care of one’s mental health irrespective of the social barriers and restricting perspectives they face.

Confronting mental disorder in office management

Workplaces are among the most uncomfortable areas for people suffering from mental disorders to accept their conditions. Since it is improbable to quit jobs to treat a mental disorder, it is advisable to share the hardships faced due to an underlying mental illness with the management. But before one does that, it would be helpful to plan the chat in advance.

One must think over how much they want to reveal about their condition, because once one discloses their secret, questions are bound to come. Either take a firm stand and state that only this much can be shared comfortably as of now or be prepared to answer all the questions that the management poses. Further, when one discusses their condition, they should also talk about the kind of support they expect from their employer. The management may also want to talk about the challenges one is facing, so be ready to elaborate on those too.

Here are some more tips that may prove to be helpful:

  • Avoid giving extensive details and share only relevant medical information about the condition
  • Remind the employers that talking about the issue would help the employee and the employer to work out how one can give their best to the company, despite the condition they face
  • Highlight the deterioration in productivity and performance as a consequence of the underlying condition
  • Learn about the rights and protection available to employees dealing with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Schedule a meeting to disclose the condition as mental health is a sensitive issue
  • Seek intervention of a clinician to explain the effect and other nuances of the underlying mental health condition to the management

Road to recovery

The responsibility to shed away the inhibitions and embrace the science behind the occurrence of mental disorders ultimately befalls on the society. Places like schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods play an intrinsic role in changing the perspective towards mental health. Spreading awareness and educating people about the causes, effects, and treatments of mental disorders will not only reduce the rate of prevalence of mental disorders but also encourage people suffering from a disorder to seek treatment.

If you or loved one is suffering from a mental disorder, seek immediate medical help from the Texas Mental Health Helpline. Our evidence-based mental health disorders treatment plans in Texas are known to help people suffering from mental illnesses. Call at our 24/7 helpline (866) 596-4708 or chat online with our trained medical experts to know more about the most effective and sustainable mental health treatment programs in Texas and other parts of the U.S.

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