Psychodynamic psychotherapy: Less popular but effective for treating mental disorders

Looking at the deteriorating mental health of the young and old in the country, health advisors must be in a fix about what best they can do to help the suffering. While the diagnosis is most commonly based on patients’ self-reported symptoms, and the doctor’s knowledge and experience, traditional forms of treatment are focused on behavioural and mood aspects. A combination of psychotherapy, medication and support groups works for many individuals. However, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for all, which opens up a lot of possibilities for improvement of such treatments through research. Read more

Maternal smoking during pregnancy inflicts burdensome neurodevelopmental disorders

Pregnancy is one of the most critical phases that determines the overall well-being of the child. Any indulgence in high-risk practices like smoking and drinking can inflict irreversible damages on the unborn child. Such habits also sow the seeds of some of the genetic diseases or birth defects. In many cases, women have also witnessed the traumatic death of their babies due to the development of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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Caregivers of older patients with bipolar disorder at risk of mental illnesses

Family caregivers play a major role in long-term care responsibilities without pay or compensation. There could be various adverse effects of a family member taking care of a mentally ill person, including impaired quality of life, loss of productive time, financial stresses and less time for leisure and socializing. Some of the possible debilitating effects on a caregiver include elevated stress and depression, poorer self-rated health, chronic medical condition, increased use of antidepressants and tranquilizers, and a higher occurrence of hospitalization. Read more

Study finds no link between smoking during pregnancy and mental disorders in offspring

The negative impact of smoking on the physical health of an individual is a medical fact and its impact on the mental well-being of babies of expecting mothers who smoke has also been recorded. In fact smoking by expectant mothers has been linked to various mental disorders by past research. One of the previous studies drew a link between maternal smoking during pregnancy and mental disorders such as bipolar disorder in the offspring, who were at twice the risk of suffering from the problem. Read more

Bizarre obsession of plastic surgery among bullies and victims raise concerns

Bullying is a real threat in school, where the stronger try browbeat the meek with a slew of tactics, including cyber bullying. Whether it is in the school or the virtual world, bullying involves assertion of real or perceived power upon the victim.

The girl sitting alone on the playground might have been abandoned by her friends and might have faced their intimidating behaviors in the form of teasing, spilling of her lunch box or taunting on her disabilities. Such discouraging behaviors are responsible for pushing a person in the pit of isolation, depression, anxiety and a host of other psychiatric disorders. Read more