Months before suicide, August Ames narrated her trauma of sexual abuse as child

Months before suicide, August Ames narrated her trauma of sexual abuse as child

Mental disorders do not discriminate. Anybody, irrespective of age, gender or social status, can suffer from a mental health problem. However, owing to the stigma attached to it, very few talk about it or even seek treatment. Porn star August Ames, who reportedly committed suicide in December 2017, was one of the few personalities who have talked about their struggles with various mental conditions.

Just three months before her death, Ames had opened up about her struggle with bipolar, depression and multiple personality disorder. She also talked about the trauma of sexual abuse that she experienced during her childhood. In a podcast interview, Ames narrated her memories of the sexual assault that caused her depression and became the trigger for bipolar disorder and multiple personality disorder.

Mentioning about her addiction to alcohol and weed that often stoned her, she explained how she sought treatment for bipolar disorder as she talked about the “crippling” feelings when not on medication. “It was so hard when I wasn’t on any medication when I’d just flip, you know? It was crippling,” she said.

Ames was found dead in a public park near her home in Ventura County. Although the reason behind her suicide is not clear yet, media reports suggest cyberbullying, apart from her mental health struggle, could have triggered it. This is not the first time that a celebrity has surrendered to his/her mental health issues. In the past, American writer Ernest Hemingway, comedian-actor Robert Williams, Don Cornelius and many others took their own lives while battling mental health disorders.

Mental health conditions creating havoc

Ames’ death is unfortunate, also because she was one of the few celebrities who opened up about their problems and thus helped fight the stigma. Of late, celebrities opening up about their mental disorders is helping the cause. Recently, Prince Harry had revealed his struggle with mental health conditions for 20 years since the demise of his mother Princess Diana. Undoubtedly, such revelations by celebrities are baffling the world, as they indicate the high rates of prevalence of mental disorders across the world.

Some of these mental illnesses are not so severe, but some are so debilitating that they may even trigger suicidal thoughts and attempts. When it comes to mental illness, silence may lead to death. People with mental health problems should eliminate social fear and show courage to seek medical help to resume a normal life. The United States is in the throes of a mental health crisis. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2016, there were about 45 million people aged 18 years or older in the country – representing about 18 percent of the adult population – with any mental illness (AMI) the previous year.

Road to recovery

The need of the hour is to create awareness about the mental disorders, their causes, symptoms, effects and treatments. Fortunately, most of mental illnesses can be treated with timely medical help. It is important to note that mental health is as important as physical health. So, any mental disorder needs proper care and treatment for recovery. Also, treatment for a mental condition may vary from person to person as it is dependent on the kind and intensity of the disorder.

If you or your loved one is grappling with a mental disorder, it is important to consult a licensed medical practitioner and undergo a clinical assessment. Get in touch with Texas Mental Health Recovery Helpline that can guide you to one of the best mental health care centers in the state. You can call at our 24/7 mental health recovery helpline number (866) 596-4708 or chat online with one of our representatives to know more regarding mental health recovery centers in your vicinity.

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